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We have always worked across Italy supplying our products to large-scale retail trade, wholesalers and individual butchers. We can offer you beef, lamb and pork covering all the requirements of your butcher’s shop.

Hung meat. From half-carcasses to quarters, we supply all beef, pork and lamb hung cuts, always guaranteeing quality meat processed according to our quality standards and in full compliance with all hygiene and health regulations.

Tray-packed meat. We pack all cuts of meat in trays according to specific customer requirements. We can also supply organic meat and Sardinian meat from a certified chain.

Ready-to-cook. We offer many ready-to-cook products. Our breaded meats, skewers, arrosticini and marinated meats, are ready to cook and prepared according to our original recipes or to your specifications.

Skin pack. We produce a line of hamburgers packed in skin-pack packaging under our own brand. These are also made using typical Sardinian meats and recipes. Easy and convenient for the end consumer, they can be an interesting addition to your product offer.

Frozen Range. Hamburgers and arrosticini are also supplied in packaging for freezing.

Gruppo Forma is one of the most important Sardinian groups for the production and supply of beef, lamb and pork. Visit the contact section of the website for specific requests or to receive more information about our company and the products we can offer your butcher’s shop.

recipes & tips (ITA)

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